Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lex DeHaan

Today I was leafing thru "Master Oracle SQL and SQL*PLUS" by Lex DeHaan looking up some SQLPlus command that I had forgotten the exact syntax for and in the back I found some printed notes of my last communications with Lex.  One was a short chat we had via Skype and the other was a note that I sent just before he passed on.

It was January 2006 when Lex moved on to the next adventure.  I had the extreme pleasure to call him both a friend and a colleague.  He and I worked together at Oracle.  My first contact with him was while I was an instructor and he sent me some scripts to demo something in class, I've long forgotten exactly what it was.  Then I work with him while in Curriculum Development in the Server Technologies group. We were in different teams but worked together often.

I truly miss him and his every ready "I disagree" when we'd get off into slightly more theoretical talk, typically over tall glasses of dark brew!

He is still helping me today thru this book and his other ones.

Lex, as I said in my note to you back then, you will be missed in small and large places in small and large ways.  Thanks for everything Lex. 

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