Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been trying to make some posts recently but my HTML skills are apparently not where they need to be. When trying to post code or an explain plan they just come out unreadable. And given that my goal is to talk about Oracle SQL (oh and food too) this really hampers my ability to post things. I may just have to find a different hosting service, or I might just have to buckle down and really learn HTML so I can make readable posts here. I know it can be done, I see lots of other folks posting code and such. Some I know are using screen shots which are OK, but I'm really hoping to not have to do that. I hope every one is having a good summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and that the winter is kind to you in the Southern.


  1. FWIW -
    I've seen a code formatting utility, GeSHi
    used on some blogs I've read
    but not sure if any existing version may work on the Blogger platform.

  2. Thanks much. I'll look into that!