Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hotsos Sym 2009

Once again a great symposium has come to an end. Outstanding speakers great friends and coworkers, super food and of course a great Pirate Party on Tuesday night!

Chris Date started us off with a drop back to academia to let us all know what we are doing wrong with our databases. Always good to get back to the Fundamentals. Just like in sports if your team doesn't do the fundamentals right, then it unlikely that your team will reach the playoffs.

I had the honor of working directly with Chris to help him set things up and keep things moving smoothly for him. We had the opportunity to just sit and chat a couple of times. He was quite interested in talking about many other things outside of the database world and that was refreshing to step out of the professional world for a moment.

I did a presentation on the new 11g feature "Intelligent Cursor Sharing", I must admit I was a bit hung over from the party the night before so I did get off to a rough start. But we had a lively conversation with about what appears to be a bug with this in, hopefully this is fixed in the .7 patch set and I will be checking that shortly.

Jonathan Lewis gave the one day of training on Thursday and it was great as always. Great talk on troubleshooting.

One disappointment was there was not much on the BBQ fount for food this year. I'll have to make a comment about that...

Do what you can to get there next year!

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